Shifting to paid-only service


We are announcing our transition to a paid-only model and new pricing plans, starting today. In recent times, we were able to expand our user base exponentially. Our decision to switch to a new model will allow us to keep our focus on improvements and expansions to meet the increasing needs of our customers. It will also give us the possibility to introduce new services and expand our product range.

As of today, new accounts will not start with free included storage. You can now get 5GB for just 1.39$ a month or 12$ a year (you can find the complete pricing here). So head over to our pricing page and continue to save your files securely in the Wuala cloud, without worrying who has access to your data.

Wuala is not just a cloud storage provider. Instead, we offer an unique product and a premium service which provides our customers with highest security and privacy available, including full control and flexibility over their files through our client. Supported by Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Kindle our customers are the center of attention in our product development. Our functionalities give our customers the ability to collaborate in teams, without having to be afraid about the security of their data. And that is exactly what we want to focus on.

We are excited about the next step in our growth and we are positive that not just our existing customers but also our new users will benefit greater value through these improvements.